Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grass Valley Police Blotter vol. LXXIX

11:27 p.m. - A woman called from the 200 block of North School Street and reported a strong odor similar to that of nail polish remover that was making her eyes water. Officers contacted the reporting person's neighbors, confirmed the odor, but could not trace its origin.

[But did it make the officer's eyes water as well?]

6:32 p.m. - Officers responded to a call from the 12000 block of Francis Drive about a man who was found dead in a tree. The man appeared to have died of natural causes. Once his death was confirmed, Hooper and Weaver Mortuary was informed.

[Natural aside from the fact that he was in a tree.]

3:41 p.m. - A caller from the 100 block of Berryman Street reported that a dog kennel was cut open and the dog is missing.

[More dog theft? Or an inside job?]

10:55 p.m. - A caller from the 400 block of Henderson Street reported four juvenile boys skateboarding in the middle of the street.

[Okay, at 11pm I guess that might be worthy of a call.]

11:04 p.m. - Officers arrested a man for driving under the influence at Colfax Highway near Hennessy School.

[I just laugh every time I see a DUI near Hennessy (VSOP?) School.]

7:39 a.m. - A caller from the 600 block of Morgan Ranch Drive reported seeing people throwing eggs at homes and vehicles in the area. Police saw the eggs but didn't notice that any eggs hit homes or vehicles.

[Being bad at your crime does not make it less of a crime.]

3:21 p.m. - A boy from the 1000 block of Rough and Ready Highway reported a girl at Lyman Gilmore School touched his backpack and he wants her arrested.

[No doubt he also wanted compensation for any cootie-disinfecting he felt required.]

4:42 p.m. - A caller from the corner of Freeman Lane and McKnight Way reported a juvenile "doing wheelies" in the parking lot at a high rate of speed.

[I would guess he was on a motorcycle, but the entry doesn't specify, so let your imagination take over.]

12:01 p.m. - A woman from the 14000 block of Beyers Lane reported several men on her property shooting turkeys.

[Part of the Thanksgiving tradition? Nothing like fresh from the forest?]

2:44 p.m. - A caller from the 10000 block of Westhill Road reported a neighbor yelling, screaming and blowing a horn.

[I see Dallas won.]

5:22 p.m. - A caller from the 10000 block of Little Deer Drive reported two people wandering around the woods near the caller's residence. The people said they were looking for a rock pile and wouldn't leave.

[They were told of a tomb full of gold or some such.]

2:47 p.m. - A woman called from the 10000 block of Rincon Way to report a vehicle fire 10 feet from her house. The fire department responded.

[Ten feet? I'd be a little worried about it becoming a residential fire.]

10:49 a.m. - A person in the police station lobby wanted to talk to an officer about theft of horses in Arizona. Police would follow up.

[The price of butter in Ottawa came up as well.]

12:15 p.m. - A woman who works as a holiday charity bell ringer on East Main Street reported a woman approached her with a hypodermic needle the day before and asked her if she wanted a flu shot. When she said no, the woman said she could have it for free. The woman wanted to talk to an officer.

[Normally $20, but for you, free! That constantly ringing bell can drive people to desperate measures I guess. I read once that donations actually go up when the person stops ringing the bell. But they have to ring it for a while first, to prove they are serious.]

Source: The Union (http://www.theunion.com/)

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