Monday, December 18, 2006


Our operations department sets up servers with our software before they get sent out to a customer. With the latest release of one of our modules, operations completely messed up the install and a developer ended having to go on site to fix the issue.

One of the root causes of the problem was the word "prerequisites." The module comes on two CDs, one with the module name, and one with the prerequisites for the module. The operations team did not know what to do with the prerequisites CD, so put it aside and attempted to install and configure the module independent of the software required to support the module.

And, of course, we ended up in the situation with the developer at the customer site installing everything from scratch.

At a postmortem meeting about this fiasco, the director of operations tried to explain how "prerequisites" is not the correct nomenclature for our SAP process. However, since his team runs that part of the SAP process and actually entered the name of the CD and never once objected, his explanation did not get the response he was hoping for.

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