Thursday, June 07, 2007

He Can Leave His Hat On

I saw Om Malik at the airport on the other day. It turned out we were both on the same flight. While I did not actually talk to him (it isn't like I know him or anything) I did figure out why he wears that hat.

The hat was, of course, how I spotted him. One look and I knew immediately who it was.

He boarded the plane long ahead of me, but I figured I would at least eyeball him one more time as I made my way to my seat at the far back end of the plane.

And while I kept alert for him as I slowly moved down the aisle of the plane, I never saw him.

It appears that, when he takes that hat off, he disappears. So the hat is not just some affectation. It seems that he has to wear it so that you can actually see him.

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