Monday, March 17, 2008

Meet in the Middle

Somebody is working on a web application called Mezzoman that lets you to put in two locations for which it finds the midpoint and will then suggest a meeting place based on an additional criteria you can enter, such as coffee, Japanese food, or movie theater.

It basically uses Google to pick a mid-point meeting place for two people.

The comedy comes in when you start getting further apart geographically.

Finding a Greek place between San Jose and Palo Alto predictably puts up a couple of locations in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.

Changing that to San Jose, CA and Orlando, FL puts the mid-point choice in Wellington, Texas. Perhaps not my first choice of locations.

Still, it is a nifty little application. I could see using it to pick spots for a mid-day meal on a road trip, though I would want a feature that would let me stick within, say, two miles of the interstate highway.

For example, picking a place between San Jose and Carlsbad, CA, I am unlikely to drive miles off of Highway 5 just for pizza.

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