Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baked Dorritos

The vending machine at the office stocks the usual array of junk food. Generally, the only item in the machine I want is a bag of Dorritos, usually as a tide-me-over snack because I cannot get out to lunch at a reasonable hour.

Yesterday, I was in a time crunch around lunch, so went to the machine to grab a snack.

No Dorritos. The usual red bag was nowhere to be seen.

However, there was a yellow bag of "Baked Dorritos" in the machine.

The bag even has a green sticker on it that says "Smart Choices Made Easy" as an indicator that this is somehow more healthy for me than my standard choice.

Fine. Whatever. I am hungry. I have no time. I bought the bag.

Back at my desk, I opened the bag and took one of the Baked Dorritos in my hand. They seem flatter than the regular ones.

Then I put it in my mouth.

Can you say, "Yuck?"

Not horrible, I've eated something spoiled or putrid yuck.

More of a "this sort of tastes like what it is supposed to be, but it has a whole array of other, odd flavors along for the ride" yuck.

I tried to get past the flavor. I tossed the bag after three chips.

Avoid those Baked Dorritos.

I suppose, in the end, that not eating any Dorritos is the healthiest choice of all.

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