Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grass Valley Police Blotter vol. LXVII

At 12:04 p.m., a caller from Highway 49 at the Colfax Highway offramp reported a reckless driver in a blue El Camino. The driver had a mullet hair cut. An officer was advised.

[A guy with a mullet driving recklessly in a blue el Camino. Sounds just about right to me.]

At 7:54 p.m., police assisted a man on a scooter on the 100 block of South Church Street. The scooter's battery ran out. Police plugged the scooter into an electrical outlet and called an ambulance because the man had not taken his medication.

[Was he arrested because he was blocking traffic or for just being out of control?]

At 9:47 p.m., a caller from the hospital reported a 46-year-old mentally ill man with "scary hair" involved in an earlier traffic accident had left the hospital. He was off his medication and was actively hearing voices in his head. He was not believed to be a danger to the public. The man's niece and local law enforcement were advised.

[Scary hair. But not a mullet. Well, at least we know why he was arrested now.]

At 6:50 a.m., a caller from Highway 20 and Mill Street reported that there was a loose dog running in and out of the roadway. The caller believed it was a beagle puppy with a collar. Police were unable to locate the animal.

[Even the dogs are jumping in and out of traffic now.]

At 2:59 p.m., a caller from Purdon Crossing reported that at 1:30 p.m., he saw a suspicious man with binoculars who was looking and acting very suspiciously. The caller also saw a woman who would not speak to him but was also acting suspiciously. The caller was requesting an area check.

[Suspcioun abounds!]

At 12:31 a.m., a caller from the 10000 block of Ball Road reported two men in her yard. She says this has been occurring for three months. Contact was made with the caller and she was advised that it could be an animal in the yard and to call back if she saw anything else.

[Two men. An Animal. Months. No idea what is going on here.]

At 8:12 a.m., a caller from the 14000 block of Tervetuloa Lane reported that someone unplugged her electrical fence. Police believed that it was possibly an animal.

[The animal certainly had motive.]

At 10:28 a.m., a caller from Sunset Place reported that she and her husband drove up a driveway to look at a home for sale and a neighbor came out and yelled at them and threw the For Sale sign at their car and wrote down their license plate number.

[They certainly won't be offering over asking for that place!]

At 3:38 p.m., a caller from the 200 block of Arcadia Drive reported that a juvenile had posted a message on the caller's MySpace account, threatening that he had weapons and was going to come after the caller. Officers responded and found that no crime had been committed.

[Words that could very well come back to haunt somebody.]

At 7:22 p.m., a caller from a business on the 1000 block of Plaza Drive reported that a 50 year-old, heavyset man wearing red suspenders and jeans was harassing customers and was last seen walking across the plaza.

[Is there a UNIX convention in town? I know, it did not say he had a big, scraggly beard, but it would certainly fit.]

At 1:16 a.m., a caller from the 1000 block of East Main Street reported a man with a
beard and a mustache wearing a baseball cap and camouflage pants who walked passed the drive-through and punched the window when he was refused service. Another caller reported the same man punched a vehicle window.

[I am sure there is a discrimination suit on the way from people without cars that cannot use the after-hours drive through window.]

At 11:55 a.m., a report was made of a man age 18-22 with a butch haircut wearing a black mesh tank walking down the road swinging nunchaks.

[If nothing else, fashion crime in progress.]

At 12:40 p.m., police contacted a man swinging nunchucks. The nunchucks were plastic. Police counseled the man.

[You think that the mesh shirt and plastic nunchucks makes you hot. They don't.]

At 4:12 p.m., a caller from 10000 block of Combie Road reported a man who had been seen getting dropped off in the area to panhandle numerous times during the day. A woman was also seen picking up the man and bringing him to Longs where he would buy phone cards and hand them to the woman. She then sprayed him down with water and returned him to the same location to panhandle.

[So that person you see at the off-ramp... they may have their own infrastructure going.]

At 9:28 a.m., a caller from Cannon Way reported a possible animal control issue with a Queensland Healer that refused to leave her property. The caller asked if she could shoot the animal because the animal was blocking the only exit door from her residence.

[I had to look up Queensland Heeler. It is a type of dog and not some member of the Australian branch of the SCA.]

At 11:47 am., Calfire requested assistance with a pregnant woman with altered level of consciousness throwing items around the house located on the 10000 block of Blackledge Road.

[The phrase "a pregnant woman with altered level of consciousness" is redundant.]

At 10:34 p.m., police chased two juveniles at Eureka Street and East Main Street and cited them on suspicion of burglary and possession of a beverage by a minor.

[One assumes that means an alcoholic beverage and not just a soda or such.]

At 10:13 p.m., a caller from Washington Road reported a physical fight between two men had been going on for hours. Deputies contacted the men an hour later, and they were at their respective homes.

[Hours? Are the reenacting that scene from "The Quiet Man?"]

At 5:22 p.m., a caller from the 10000 block of Wintergreen Lane reported two people in a silver pickup truck with a flag on the hood were trying to sell meat. Deputies were unable to locate the truck.

[Meat sold from the back of a truck. I bet that goes over well in 100 degree heat.]

At 6:55 p.m., a caller from the 20000 block of Linhall Road reported a man was talking to himself and throwing things around the room. He possibly had a knife with him and may have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Deputies advised the caller of the restraining order process and eviction process.

[File the deputies' advice under the heading of "small comfort."]

At 1:01 a.m., a woman called from the 11000 block of Still Road reported a person was in her barn. She said the person drove in without car lights on and the engine off. Deputies contacted the caller and were unable to locate anyone on the property.

[I bet that car gets great mileage if it can go with the engine off.]

At 9:17 a.m., a woman called from the 200 block of Lloyd Street to report her neighbor's dog was continually on their porch, growling at her and her family. A dispatcher said Animal Control could respond. The woman said if she shot the dog, police would respond. The dispatcher advised Animal Control of the situation and of the threat to the dog.

[And she is no doubt right.]

At 11:09 a.m., a man called from a gas station on the 2000 block of Nevada City Highway to report a woman in a green Subaru tried to drive off with the pump nozzle in the vehicle. When the caller tried to get insurance information from her, she said, "Not today, dude," and drove off. Police determined who owned the car and would follow up.

["Not today, dude," a phrase that will no doubt come back to haunt her.]

At 6:06 p.m., a woman called from the 15000 block of Ricky Court to report a man came to the door and asked for a drink of water. The caller told the man she didn't live there, and the man said all he wanted was a drink of water. The caller thought that was suspicious. A deputy contacted the man, who was selling magazines in the area. The deputy advised him to get proper permits from the county.

[It is in the high 90s to low 100s and now this guy wants water... very suspicious indeed!]

Source: The Union (

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grass Valley Police Blotter vol. LXVI

At 4:58 p.m., a caller from the 100 block of Mill Street reported an older man went into a store and bought an expensive item for a young man. The caller felt uncomfortable about it and wanted to speak to an officer. Police contacted the man and determined there was no criminal issue.

[Now we are calling the police over our level of discomfort? I assume "young man" implies "over the age of consent."

At 5:02 p.m., a caller from Highway 49 by Lime Kiln Road reported a disabled truck was in the middle of the road with its flashers on. Dispatchers called the CHP and were on hold for 14 minutes. The dispatchers could not hold any longer.

[Makes you feel confident in your ability to get ahold of the CHP.]

At 8:39 p.m., a woman caller from the 100 block of Castlemont Drive to report her neighbor was outside yelling random political statements. An officer contacted the neighbor, who was inside the house talking on the phone.

[Were they truly random, or did they have a common theme?]

At 8:45 p.m., a woman called from the 600 block of Kate Hayes Street to report her neighbor was taking her patio furniture. Police determined the property had been returned. The woman would call back if the neighbor were to return.

[You have to have some brass to start making off with your neighbors patio furniture.]

At 12:51 p.m., a caller from the 700 block of Whiting Street reported his ex-wife and another woman were at his business shredding documents and destroying the business.

[Was that part of the settlement?]

At 1:57 p.m., officers responded to a small compact car that rolled over in a ditch southbound on the Golden Center Freeway Idaho-Maryland Road. There were no injuries.

[Not one of those huge compact cars, just a small one.]

At 9:40 p.m., a caller from the 400 block of Marshall Street reported a customer was extremely intoxicated and pushed an employee and destroyed a pizza. The caller did not wish to press charges, but wanted the man to be counseled. Police made contact and counseled the man.

[Pizza destruction! I picture the Death Star blowing up, only with a lot of pepperoni.]

At 10:53 p.m., a caller from the 12000 block of Pawnee Trail reported multiple firearms had been stolen three and six years ago. Police determined that the person had been drinking.

[Drinking? How unusual.]

A 5:59 p.m. caller from the 10000 block of Boulder Street reported two injured peacocks on her property.

[Now there is a report you do not get every day. Will animal control respond? We will probably never know.]

A 5:24 p.m. a caller from the 900 block of Sutton Way advised that radiation was burning her alive.

[Step away from the microwave?]

At 11:36 a.m., a caller from an apartment complex on the 200 block of Dorsey Drive reported a female neighbor had been banging on the wall for the last two hours, saying she was locked in the bathroom. The woman's front door was locked, and the caller had been unable to find the apartment manager. Police assisted the woman.

[A heck of a way to introduce yourself to your neighbors!]

At 9:28 a.m., a man in the police station lobby reported a woman was accusing him of stalking her. An officer contacted the man.

[I get the feeling that this is not going to play out as he planned.]

At 9:03 a.m., a caller from the 10000 block of Flume Street reported the Virgin Mary was stolen from the backyard. She was last seen two weeks ago. Police contacted the caller, who did not need a report taken. Four hours later, the statue was found.

[This was on a Sunday, of course. Nobody cares where the Virgin Mary is on Thursday afternoon.]

At 7:25 p.m., a caller from Indian Springs Road reported a dog just brought bones inside. A deputy determined the bones were deer remains, not human. The deputy determined the caller had been drinking.

[Drinking? How unusual.]

At 7:38 p.m., a caller reported a drunken man was sleeping in the gravel on the 500 block of Packard Street. Police contacted the 54-year-old man, who was not drunk and was just taking a nap.

[Gravel nap! You don't have to be drunk to take one!]

At 3:56 p.m., a caller from Elizabeth Daniels Park reported a person was in the park with a python. An officer contacted the caller and advised possessing the snake was not a crime or violation of a city ordinance.

[Remember, you read it here first.]

At 8:33 p.m., a caller from a bar on the 100 block of Mill Street reported a 53-year-old man fell off a stool. The man was transported to the hospital emergency room.

[And the surest sign that you have had enough.]

Source: The Union (

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baked Dorritos

The vending machine at the office stocks the usual array of junk food. Generally, the only item in the machine I want is a bag of Dorritos, usually as a tide-me-over snack because I cannot get out to lunch at a reasonable hour.

Yesterday, I was in a time crunch around lunch, so went to the machine to grab a snack.

No Dorritos. The usual red bag was nowhere to be seen.

However, there was a yellow bag of "Baked Dorritos" in the machine.

The bag even has a green sticker on it that says "Smart Choices Made Easy" as an indicator that this is somehow more healthy for me than my standard choice.

Fine. Whatever. I am hungry. I have no time. I bought the bag.

Back at my desk, I opened the bag and took one of the Baked Dorritos in my hand. They seem flatter than the regular ones.

Then I put it in my mouth.

Can you say, "Yuck?"

Not horrible, I've eated something spoiled or putrid yuck.

More of a "this sort of tastes like what it is supposed to be, but it has a whole array of other, odd flavors along for the ride" yuck.

I tried to get past the flavor. I tossed the bag after three chips.

Avoid those Baked Dorritos.

I suppose, in the end, that not eating any Dorritos is the healthiest choice of all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IQ: A Bad Resume Idea

Being a front line manager in a tech company, I spend a lot of time in the hiring process. There were times during the first web boom that I spent half of my time reviewing resumes, phone screening or interviewing, and providing feedback on candidates.

Of course, given the number of resumes that have crossed my desk, I have seen my fair share of bad ideas. I just reviewed a resume last week that had one of the more rare mistakes.

The person in question put their IQ on their resume.

This is always a mistake. There is no winning in this situation.

First, there is no way that a hiring manager can verify this tidbit of information. Your resume should stick to things that can be reasonably verified or demonstrated. So it is a useless piece of data.

But it gets worse. If you claim to have a high IQ, you may look like you are bragging or come off as an elitist. Is that the impression you want people to take from your resume? The best case scenario is that you will set unreasonably high expectations for yourself. Imagine every slip in your interview being greeting in the mind of the interviewer with, "You didn't do so well there, did you Einstein?"

And if you do not have a high IQ (and I had a resume that listed an IQ of 105) who cares? What message are you trying to send? That you do not have enough experience to fill a letter sized page of paper? That you do not understand the IQ scale?

So keep your IQ to yourself.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Grass Valley Police Blotter vol. LXV

At 5:33 p.m., an upset woman called from McCourtney Road to report fair personnel directed her into the fairgrounds, but she wasn't going to the fair. An officer contacted the woman.

[Fell for that old carny trick, did we?]

At 5:56 p.m., a man in the police station lobby reported someone impersonated him at a business on Mill Street and signed for his daughter to get a pierced tongue. Police determined there was no crime and would follow up.

[First, ouch. Second, I am glad to see that at least he was against the procedure.]

At 6:28 p.m., a woman called from the 200 block of Hill Street to report someone wanted to "get her bird." Police advised the caller and the other person that if either one entered the other's portion of the house, they would be arrested.

[Other's portion of the house? Are they laying tape down on the floor Brady Bunch style?]

At 7:22 p.m., a caller from the 2000 block of Nevada City Highway reported a woman wearing jeans with holes in them was passed out by a garbage bin. The woman told the caller she was all right, but she did not leave. Police contacted the woman and told her to move on.

[Don't mind me, I'm just resting.]

At 12:59 p.m., a woman called 911 from a pay telephone on the 300 block of Broad Street to report "Jesus needs help." She then hung up. Police checked the area and no one was around the pay phone.

[Miracle? Immaculate crime report?]

At 7:42 p.m., a caller from Brighton Street at French Street reported a man wearing shorts was driving a yellow motor scooter and blowing the stop sign repeatedly. Police were unable to locate the man on the scooter.

[The stop sign was not available for comment.]

At 11:31 p.m., a caller from East Main Street reported the guard dog for a business was loose in the street. The dog was a large bull mastiff, and he was not nice. Animal Control was notified.

[Not nice. I think that is a requirement for a guard dog, isn't it?]

At 10:01 a.m., person at the sheriff's lobby reported an employee hadn't shown up for work in three days. The person had been acting disoriented when checked on by a co-worker. Deputies determined the person was home ill with the flu.

[If you're not going to work, call your boss.]

At 12:09 a.m., a caller from the 300 block of Dorsey Drive reported that two juveniles had set off a flare gun or bottle rocket and were hiding in the bushes.

[Believe me, there is no way you could mistake one for the other.]

At 3:34 a.m., a caller from a convenience store on the 300 block of Sacramento Street reported that a woman asking for directions to the jail had stolen a map. When the woman showed up at the bail bonds area behind the jail, deputies made contact and followed her back to the store, where she paid for the map.

[But she was so convenient to prison, why not just take her in?]

At 11:38 a.m., the alarm on a band room door sounded at a school on the 10000 block of Rough and Ready Highway. Deputies determined the alarm was accidentally set off by the new vice principal.

[I bet this was a case of setting up the new guy too.]

At 6:05 p.m., a man called from the 11000 block of Newtown Road to report the neighbor's dogs came onto his property against a restraining order. The man trapped one dog in a cage. The caller requested Animal Control retrieve the dog.

[A restraining order against a dog? Or dogs? Still, it illustrates the problems with animal rights; you cannot have rights if you cannot accept responsibility.]

At 5:15 p.m. Aug. 2, GVFD and NCCFD responded to a utility pole transformer fire that extended to the vegetation underneath it on West McKnight Way. The first arriving engine company extended hose lines and extinguished the fire before it could gain momentum. A wayward squirrel was determined to be the cause.

[A wayward squirrel! Presumably a somewhat shocked, if not smoking, wayward squirrel.]

At 5:55 p.m., a caller from the 100 block of Neal Street reported that two teens were selling a dog on the sidewalk. The dog was a specialized breed, and they were asking a lot of money for it.

[It was, no doubt, stolen. And here I scoffed at the idea of dog theft.]

At 12:09 a.m., a caller from the 13000 block of Capitol Drive reported that people in detox were acting strangely. The people were extremely nervous and in pain. One person was making suicidal statements and grabbed a knife. They were detoxing off of Fetinol. Medical was sent.

[It sounds like they were in... detox!]

At 1:46 a.m., a caller from the 400 block of Railroad Avenue reported that several people were playing on the train. They left.

[Of course there is a train on Railroad Avenue! Don't play on it after dark!]

At 5:56 p.m., a caller from West McKnight Way reported a man carrying a duffel bag and a sign asking for help was yelling at drivers who would not stop to give him assistance or money. Police contacted the 54-year-old man and took his sign. They also advised him of a city ordinance.

[They took his sign! Then they advised him of a city ordinance, presumably involving yelling or signs.]

At 1:43 a.m., a man called from the 200 block of Mill Street to report his girlfriend wouldn't keep her hands off him and he was going to leave because he knew police would show up. The man was gone when police arrived. The woman appeared to have been drinking heavily. No arrests were made.

[There were times in my life when I wanted my girlfriend to behave that way....]

At 6:47 p.m., a caller from the 500 block of Long Street reported a squirrel had been shot, but was still alive and suffering. Police were unable to locate the squirrel.

[Dare I say "wayward squirrel?"]

Source: The Union (

Friday, August 10, 2007

Grass Valley Police Blotter vol. LXIV

At 1:46 p.m., a caller from the 600 block of Morgan Ranch Drive reported finding credit cards in a hay bale.

[Nothing in the news about a horrible bailer accident, so I assume somebody was hiding them in there.]

At 5:35 p.m., a caller requested contact from a police officer regarding a human bite that occurred Saturday at the Commercial Street parking lot. The caller did not know who did the biting.

[It was all a blur of teeth, lips, gums... glaven...]

At 2:13 p.m., a woman at the police station lobby asked how to restrain a person who was attempting to hurt themselves. The woman then left and ran out of the parking lot onto South Auburn toward Main Street. Contact was made with the woman and her daughter; no further assistance was required.

[Good thing she did not ask about, say, robbing a bank.]

At 12:36 a.m., an officer noticed an open door to a residence with the lights on the 800 block of Morgan Ranch Drive. The officer made contact with the occupants and determined no further assistance was required.

[Further assistance? It has not been demonstrated that he was of any assistance up to that point.]

At 10:33 p.m., a man from the 17000 block of Alexandra Way reported three suspicious people in his driveway who kept ringing the doorbell and then running away. The man was on his way home when his wife and daughter called and told him about it.

[Worst game of doorbell ditch ever, if they are just standing on the driveway. I suspect they know the daughter.]

At 4:54 a.m., a caller from the 13000 block of Tyler Foote Crossing reported a dog hanging by a rope in the doorway of a closed and empty business. The dog appeared to be a coyote. Police took a report.

[Oh, it is just a coyote. Well that's okay then. He's even wearing Acme Jet Skates.]

At 12:05 p.m., a caller from the 500 block of Linden Avenue reported that her roommate was an alcoholic and that she had called his employer and reported that she couldn't get him out of bed. Officers made contact with the man, who was allegedly drunk and said he wasn't feeling well.

[I think he might be allegedly hung over by noon the following day. Still, how is this a police matter?]

At 8:58 a.m., a caller from Branding Iron Road requested extra patrol because people were lighting fires in the middle of the roadway and was concerned because the people did not live there.

[9 am is a little early for bonfires, isn't it?]

At 10:29 p.m., a caller from the 19000 block of Branding Iron Road reported that two men were standing in his driveway, drinking beer.

[But not lighting fires, right?]

At 8:50 p.m., a caller from Sutton Way reported that a suspicious black suitcase had been left on the sidewalk. Later the caller reported that the object was merely a bush.

[And the chest of drawers... it was just a hedge.]

At 10:16 a.m., a man from the 21000 block of Big Oak Drive reported his neighbor blows an air horn in the mornings. A deputy contacted the caller.

[I suppose we all have our morning rituals.]

At 12:50 p.m., a caller from the 20000 block of Tyler Foote Crossing Road was asking why his phone was tapped. He stated that he wanted real cops, not undercover cops to help him. He was directed to the mental health center, where his parents met him and was suspected of being drunk in public.

[Real cops, please! The undercover cops are the ones tapping my phone!]

At 1:55 a.m., a caller from the 10000 block of East Lime Kiln Road reported that there were annoying phone calls being made to a cell phone. The person was advised to contact Verizon for assistance.

[Or maybe just turn off the cell phone? They have an off button.]

At 5:48 a.m., a man from the 600 block of Whiting Street reported his car was covered in shaving cream and plastic wrap and litter. He was unsure whether there was any damage. Police determined it was a practical joke.

[Yes, we have ruling it... and it was, indeed, a practical joke.]

At 6:03 p.m., a caller from the 13000 block of Lake Wildwood Drive reported someone was peeing on her door.

[At that very moment?]

At 8:50 p.m., a caller from Highway 49 reported that a son was walking on the side of the highway and refused to come inside. The caller said the son was mentally unstable and wanted to walk to Modesto.

[I think that pretty much confirms the diagnosis. Walking to New Orleans, yes. Walking to Modesto, no.]

Source: The Union (

Friday, August 03, 2007

Grass Valley Police Blotter vol. LXIII

At 3:05 p.m., a caller from Chapel Street at Brighton Street reported a man with long blond hair and wearing a T-shirt with "weed" on the front appeared to be smoking something out of a pipe.

[I wonder what he could be smoking.]

At 4:42 p.m., a caller from the 100 block of Stewart Street reported small women in skinny black pants were yelling and screaming.

[Were her pants too tight? It says the pants are skinny, not the woman.]

At 1:23 a.m., a caller from the 300 block of Bennett Street reported a partially clothed man was running through the woods. Police were unable to locate the man.

[I am going to go with "shirtless" on this one.]

At 12:51 a.m., a caller from the 200 block of Dorsey Drive reported a person was throwing orange cones from a gray van in a parking lot. An officer was advised.

[At nearly 1am, somebody has had one of those, "wouldn't this be great/hilarious" ideas.]

At 1:58 a.m., police located six cones blocking Catherine Lane. Police checked the area and found a total of 12 cones. They returned the cones to Hughes Road.

[The gray van strikes! Orange cones are everywhere!]

At 11:47 p.m., a caller from the 200 block of Main Street reported a man without a shirt just broke a window at an office and he was covered in blood. Officers cited the man on suspicion of vandalism and an ambulance took the man to the emergency room.

[Shirtless man on a rampage.]

At 1:29 p.m., a caller from the 2000 block of Brunswick Road reported a dog locked in a white Corolla was trying to jump out of the vehicle and appeared to be in distress. Police faxed the information to Animal Control. They were unable to reach the agency by telephone.

[They took the phone off the hook while Oprah was on.]

At 6:47 a.m., a caller from a campground in the Chicago Park area reported a man was behaving indecently on a public beach. He was carrying an orange swimsuit.

[Presumably he should have been wearing the swimsuit.]

At 6:58 a.m., a caller from Packard Drive reported smelling smoke. Grass Valley firefighters responded. Other than a cooking odor, nothing was found.

[Again, does this annoy firefighters, or are they happy enough just to get out of the firehouse and let the siren wail?]

At 11:48 p.m., a caller from a campsite on Englebright Lake reported seeing a mountain lion in the area. A deputy investigated and discovered that the animal was not a mountain lion but a deer.

[Well, it was dark and all.]

At 3:15 a.m., a caller from the 31000 block of Relief Hill Road reported that her brother, who she alleged had been drinking, had been arguing with neighbors and shooting at them with a rifle before retreating to his trailer, but that no one had been hurt. Deputies responded and seized the firearm.

[That seems to be a little less than a slap on the wrist.]

At 1:08 a.m., July 21, GVFD responded to a possible commercial structure fire on West Main Street. At the scene, firefighters reported nothing showing and used a thermal imaging camera from the building's exterior to investigate. After searching with no sign of heat or fire, firefighters determined it was a false alarm and helped the owner reset the alarm system.

[Thermal imaging camera! I want one!]

At 7:43 p.m., a caller from the 100 block of Mill Street reported that a German shepherd attacked her and her dog while she was going by a business. There were no injuries to her or the dog. The German shepherd was on a leash but no one was holding it. No charges were filed.

[I think somebody has to be holding the leash.]

At 4:47 p.m., a caller from the 10000 block of Alpine Lane requesting advice for what she should do when her neighbor is being mean to her.

[Being mean!]

At 7:56 p.m., a caller from the 12000 block of Lime Kiln Road thought their home had been burglarized. The house was in shambles but the only thing missing was a bong.

[Was he wearing a shirt with "weed" on the front?]

At 11:06 a.m., a caller from the 400 block of Maryland Drive reported hearing women screaming. Police contacted two women with the same last name who were having "sister drama."

[Is that like "Gilmore Girls?"]

At 8:13 p.m., a caller from a business on the 100 block of Neal Street reported a man wearing a fisherman's cap was hitting himself and trying to get into a child's car seat. Police contacted the man and did not make an arrest.

[Just another day in Nevada county.]

At 12:05 p.m., a caller from the 800 block of Old Tunnel Road reported a man tried to stop his own rolling car and he may have been run over. Police determined the man was hit by the car, but he was not run over. Police took a report.

[A fine distinction to the man in question I would guess.]

At 3:41 p.m., a woman called 911 from the 11000 block of Alpine Lane to talk to a deputy about her previous citation for misuse of 911. Deputies arrested the 53-year-old woman on suspicion of calling 911 with the intent to annoy or harass dispatchers.

[Hah! Some people just do not get it.]

At 12:47 a.m., a caller from Brewer Road at Lodestar Drive reported someone spray-painted "white power" in the roadway and surrounded it with orange construction cones.

[Well, I guess that was... considerate of him. Nobody would accidently get paint on their car.]

At 8:06 a.m., a caller from Brewer Road at Lodestar Drive reported a swastika was painted in the intersection with "white power" written under it.

[I guess he wasn't done yet.]

At 9:48 p.m., a caller from the 300 block of Clark Street reported a dog had been barking since the sun went down. Police responded and the owners were not around. The caller was advised to call Animal Control during business hours.

[Small comfort for those going sleepless.]

At 11:03 a.m., firefighters responded to Todd Court, where a man was trying to get toilet paper out of a tree by starting it on fire.

[Not the recommended method, especially during the fire season.]

Source: The Union (

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Do Not Care #2

I do not care whether or not these two people got married nor how many kids they may or may not have had.
I mean, frankly, why shouldn't they be married? Maybe they connect on a level that cannot be expressed by a couple of highschool yearbook pictures.
So,, find another couple. Unless there is some cute story here, like that these are the founders of and they really are married, I am sick of seeing these two.