Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Grass Valley Police Blotter vol. XI

At 4:06 p.m., a caller from the 12000 block of Hilltop Terrace to report a juvenile girl did not return from school and had told numerous people she was going to run away. She may have been heading to Boise, Idaho, for a fair with "James," a carnival worker.

[So kids really do run off with the carnival. Oh those carnies and their magical allure!]

At 7:51 p.m., a man called from Oregon Creek at Moonshine Road to report a man left a campground on a motorcycle but did not have a helmet. The caller advised he was psychic and he knew something was very wrong.

[At least he is using his psychic powers for good! I wonder what the dispatchers are told to do with this sort of report?]

At 1:33 a.m., a man called from the 11000 block of Lakeshore South to report a person was on the roof of a house shooting a .22-caliber rifle. The man said he had the person trapped in his backyard but security let him get away. The man said he was going back into his house to go to bed.

[The man does not seem very worked up about the whole incident if he is heading to bed.]

At 11:53 p.m., a man called to report a woman on the 200 block of Park Avenue had been depressed lately and did not return any phone calls. A dispatcher made contact with the woman who said she was fine and that she had broken up yesterday with the first caller. Contact was made by phone with the man, who was advised not to call the woman again or to use law enforcement to harass the public.

[So do not get drunk and try this on your ex.]

At 10:32 a.m., a man called saying he picked up a woman who was hitchhiking in Grass Valley and that she made sexual remarks and advances to him.

[I know I learned in HR training that sexual harassment can happen to both men and women, but this sounds more like a story for him and his buddies than something about which to inform the police.]

At 9:17 p.m., a caller from the 200 block of Washington Street reported a woman entered the residence through a dog door and removed property. The caller requested a log entry only.

[Property the caller did not really care about I guess. Did the woman carry the property back out through the dog door?]

At 11:30 p.m., a caller from Rockwood Drive reported a juvenile was knocking on his door and mooning him. Another juvenile was taking pictures. Police were unable to locate the juveniles.

[When it gets to this point, I guess you are beyond a simple, "You kids get off my porch!" Still, I bet the pictures appear somewhere on the net soon.]

At 6:10 p.m., a caller from Highway 49 reported that a juvenile male with long black hair and black and white face paint was kneeling on the side of the highway at the intersection of Carriage Road, rocking back and forth and acting very suspicious.

[Another fan pissed about KISS getting passed over for the Rock and Roll hall of fame again.]

Source: The Union (http://www.theunion.com/)


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