Tuesday, August 01, 2006

HP iPod Banner Ad

Today I ran across a banner ad from HP offering Apple iPods. I thought that HP had ended that deal some time back, so I actually clicked on the add. It takes you to the page at the link for this entry. Since this page will go away some day soon, I will summarize what they are offering:

Refurbished Apple iPod from HP

Apple iPod + HP 40GB, refurbished $229

Apple iPOD Mini + HP 6GB, refurbished $159

Apple iPod Mini + HP 4GB, refurbished $139

They come only with the Windows version of all of the software and silver is the only color available for the iPod Mini, but the price is about right. $149 is what you pay for a 1GB Nano currently. The Nano is smaller, but the Mini is pretty nice.

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  1. It appears that the iPods are gone, though you can still get printable iPod skin kits. Joy.