Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Where Is Fake Steve Jobs?

Fake Steve Jobs, the nom de plume of the blog "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" shut down his blog over the weekend, which is too bad, because it was hilarious.

But Fake Steve, or somebody very much like him (Fake Fake Steve?), appears to be back at another location under the banner of "Fake Steve Jobs." The link for this post points to the new location. I hope the quality remains the same.

All of the previous work is gone for the moment. I hope it sees the light of day again some time.


  1. I have serious doubts whether the new fake Steve is the real fake Steve. The flurry of "so...called me" posts only serves to confirm my suspicions.

    I have a lens on Squidoo for anyone interested. I have a full set of the original Secret Diary posts which I plan to upload and a line of t-shirts for fans and fanatics.

  2. An excellent summation of the events so far at your site.

    We will see if this Fake Steve Jobs can create beautiful parody or not.